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Who We Are And What We Do

Curtis Packaging Machinery offers a range of flexible, economical and sophisticated packaging machinery based on our customer's specific application. We continue to focus on the evolution of the packaging industry while staying on top of technological advances that enhance the ability to serve our customer.

As a manufacturer’s representative we are local to you our customer. Building a relationship with you is first and foremost. We strive to get to know your needs, and in doing so, we are able to recommend equipment that best fits your requirements. With our experience and the number of packaging application we see, we are often able to offer suggestions and usually have more than one approach to solving a challenge. This gives you more options to use in making your selections.

  • Our goal at Curtis Packaging is to assure that you receive the highest quality service coupled with providing only the best packaging solutions catered around your needs.
  • Our clients appreciate the personal time and commitment we give them. We know you will too. Through experience and knowledge we have been able to help our clients achieve the stringent goals set forth on them by the changing market condition.
  • Curtis Packaging Machinery Inc., founded in 1985, is a manufacturer's representative specializing in providing packaging machinery and systems. Our scope of work varies from supplying a single piece of equipment to the full implementation of an integrated solution. We have alliances with key manufacturers and engineering companies which allow us access to the latest technologies.
  • The relationships we have with the manufacturers we represent have been in existence for many years. Our knowledge of our manufacturers resources and capabilities provides us with the opportunity to make sound cost effective recommendations, get answers to questions and provide our customers with detailed information in a timely manner.
  • Our service technicians frequently undergo rigorous training in order to stay on top of the dynamic world of packaging machinery.  With our years of experience going into each project you can be assured that the machine we recommend can be used for many years.

    • Increase your efficiency
    • Decrease your downtime
    • Reduce your costs

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